Coffee recycling at Kallichoron
Sunday, 08 September 2019

Coffee recycling at Kallichoron

Changing the planet one cup at the time!

Being coffee lovers and recycling enthusiasts ourselves, we love premium coffee as well as mindful travelling. So, delivering premium coffee, cup after cup, comes with accountability. To our guests and also to the world we live in and operate. We are committed to doing business responsibly, looking for ways to make a difference wherever we can.

Collecting used coffee grounds for reuse and recycling coffee capsules has some great benefits. Not only does it divert waste away from landfill, but also we can benefit from the reuse of the used coffee beans and the capsules’ aluminum.

Recycling the used coffee beans

Can you use coffee grounds twice? You sure can!

At Kallichoron, our freshly-brewed coffee by Taf Coffee now also serves as an excellent gift for your garden. Inspired by the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature and being the only Green Key eco-labeled hotel on the island of Astypalea, we came up with a new initiative, called “Kallichoron Green Stories” and we offer travelers a free bag of used coffee grounds to reuse at home. Do not forget to get your free bag on check-out! Notably this initiative will be adopted by Taf Coffee Shops around Greece.

Recycling coffee capsules from your room

The rise in coffee pod and capsule consumption has raised concerns about the environmental impact these pods and capsules have in the environment. It is of course a convenient method of having fresh coffee at your hotel room anytime and their use is expected to increase in the next couple of years, but with consumption comes waste, lots of which can end up in landfills.

We are proud of our business partner, Nespresso; we share the same passion about coffee, but also the same recycling philosophy. Thus, we follow the Nespresso Capsule Recycling Program, not only recycling the packaging, but also the used coffee grounds.

Nespresso capsules are made of aluminum that is the most protective material available today and 100% recyclable. By this way, the coffee is protected from the outside, while aromas are preserved inside. The coffee is then composted to create high-quality fertilizer whereas the aluminum goes to a nearby recycling plant. The capsules are delivered to one of the 17 Nespresso Boutique waste collection centers in Athens.

Are you ready to make a difference when travelling?

At Kallichoron, we invite our guests and green travelers to join efforts to minimize our footprint to the environment while traveling, aiming towards a greener future.

Step 1: Place your used coffee grounds and capsules into designated bins.
Step 2: The cleaning personnel will collect them and place them accordingly for further handling.
Step 3: Your used coffee grounds and pods are turned into something truly useful.
Earth loves us and we do too. Let’s all travel in a mindful way!


Do you want to find out more about our recycling activities under “Kallichoron Goes Green” project? Feel free to get in touch with Reception, as well as read our post “We Care: 5 Tips to Travelling Green” to find out more on how you we can all make a difference while traveling with small daily actions.

Read more about our environmental Policy “Kallichoron Goes Green” here.



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